Friday, July 13

talking to strangers

We had a long wait for niece and nephew in the arrivals hall. My bro had been told to wear a hat so that niece could pick him out of the waiting crowd. He chose to wear a yellow plastic sou'wester. During the long wait for their flight, I got talking to a mother meeting her daughter off the same plane. I heard about her daughter, and I told her all about my niece and nephew. She was very chatty, until I said "and the man over there in the yellow hat is their father", then she clammed up.

In the shuttle bus I talked with a corporate trainer in charge of training Kmart employees. One of those salesy people always convinced their current company is the best thing since sliced bread. She must have been so impressed when I said: "that's a coincidence - apart from my shoes everything I'm wearing is from Kmart!" I gave her permission to use that as a testimonial.


  1. Amazing how much fun can be had with a silly hat.

    Conversations with strangers can be fun. Just a bit of grown up story telling.

  2. I say!

    No wonder she clammed up. Only Aussie supporters wear yellow hats.

    MM III

  3. Nanners, Albert usually attracts wacko strangers, but these were nice. Maybe wacko too.

    Mingers. Stealth Aussies are the worst, they don't even wear yellow. They should have to wear a yellow badge by law, like in the good old reich.

  4. Albert? Well done for talking to someone. You wouldn't catch me doing something like that! Hotboy

  5. Hotters. I thought I'd try it once.