Thursday, July 12

what a family!

Part of my IT work for Albert involves posting a brief history of his old man's family, but it's hard to find enough information. I need the first name of Albert's grandfather, but nobody seems to know. What a family!

(But everything balances up, and his mother's side of the family is the opposite - they can tell you all about the great great grandparents, whether you want to know or not.)

Albert's paternal uncles all migrated to Canada before he was born, and none of them had much contact with each other or with Albert's old man in Scotland, except for Xmas card platitudes. Whatever happened in that family, the ambivalence is still going on.


  1. interesting the directions families go. I had an aunt that was big into genealogy, but her reason for it was sad. She wanted to make sure there were no black people in the family.

    My first husband, when being cross examined by her, lied amazingly. So I rather doubt a lot about such things.