Thursday, July 5


The medicalisation of ordinary life continues, with the discovery of a new ailment that afflicts nearly 10% of all children! It's called intermittent explosive disorder. Don't believe the rumors that it used to be called temper tantrums.

Last day in Canada. It was lovely to catch up with Albert's brother and his great, talented kids. It was only a brief meeting, but I find a little random chaos goes a long way.

Meeting all my cousins, many for the first time, has been glorious. They feel like the sisters and elder brothers I never had. They're not loaded but they know how to have fun. And there's a great dog.

Tomorrow I have to move on, to NYC, where I've never been. Suggestions welcome.

PS I've been a bit busy to read other blogs but will catch up in due course.


  1. I say!

    this will be a must in NYC.

    MM III

  2. It is easier to make a medical excuse than to admit that bad parenting is the root of most of the problem. Let your kids be raised in front of the TV and they think fighting is the right way to behave.

    I grew up with lots of cousins and we always had fun. I've lost touch with them as adults.

    I don't much care for NYC. Too many people.

  3. You seem to be having fun. What's the matter? Hotboy

  4. Mingers, is it beach cricket?

    Nanners, NYC is mildly interesting for tourists, but imagine having to live there!

    Hotters, rest assured the fun will come to a halt in Bavaria.