Thursday, July 19

balancing up over time

Many years ago I worked as a corporate trainer, mostly around Britain and occasionally in Bavaria. They would put me up in nice hotels but I was always too busy to enjoy them.

Now here I am in Berlin, in a hotel where I can tumble out of bed and into the sauna/pool before breakfast. As I saunter through the corridors wearing nothing but a hotel bathing gown, I see suited execs carrying briefcases, all in a hurry to be somewhere.

What a fortunate creature I have become!

PS the cellmate made us a great dinner in her hotel. We've seen a lot of daytime stuff together, none of which I've posted as Albert prefers me to focus in the banal.


  1. I have always found it funny that hotels for workaholic types have so much fancy stuff that these folks never have time to notice.

    Perhaps there is status in being too busy for fun.

    Well done you for enjoying it.

  2. Albert? Why are you in Berlin? Why didn't you stay at home with the dingbats and the wollywuggles? Hotboy

  3. I say!

    What! No jock strap? No box?

    MM III

  4. Nanners. The Japanese have the right idea, packing busy types into those coffin bunks overnight, where all they can do is rest.

    Hotters. If I stayed at home, how would I ever find ways to blow the gold bars?

    Mingers. Not even anything internal.