Monday, July 9

murray v federer

It was hard to think straight in the 38 degree heat yesterday, and I allowed my last full day here to be filled with:

- waiting for Albert's brother's train at Grand Central, where there's no Arrivals board, so I had to cover every platform at once. He had missed his train anyway.

- waiting with the brother and nephew at their hotel, until their room was ready to check in.

- phoning the pension fund from their room

- overeating a big lunch with them

- visiting WTC with the brother - some half-finished skyscrapers and a walled-off monument construction.

- grabbing a cup of tea with the brother (in a noisy pub so he could have beer). He advised me, if I feel like pushing the pension fund down the stairs next week, to tie its laces together first. No point in a half-finished job.

Still, at least I saw Grand Central, and took in Chrysler building and UN on the walk to the hotel.

Appalling hotel-room analog reception here - hard to see the ball. And the US commentator just described Murray as "an Englishman playing for queen and country".

Albert's brother, watching in his hotel across town, has promised "IF MURRAY WINS... we're goin up 5th Av / central park to the swankiest restaurant for a big celeb".

Help me Roger!


  1. I say!

    Pimms all round, here in Kalimbuka.

    MM III

  2. Don't worry! The Federation has him on the run as far as I can see, but I know bugger all about tennis since it's a middle class sport as you needed to be able to buy a racket!

  3. Mingers. Even though it's not cricket?

    Hotters. It all balances up. Albert was deprived of football as a kid. It was reserved for roughnecks.

  4. Sounds to me like you are having more fun than should be allowed human beings. I can't imagine living in NYC, it was bad enough to have to visit.

    Considering the Murry is a Scotsman that commentator needs a boot in the butt. How insulting.

  5. I say!

    Any excuse.

    MM III

  6. Nanners. The US is the pits - awful food, dreadful TV, and empty have-a-nice-day patter. In the stifling muggy weather I should have simply have chilled in the Guggenheim or MOMA, if I had been thinking straight for once.

    Mingers. Exactly. It would have been my turn to pay for the meal, so it was lucky that Murray lost.