Monday, July 16

trip highlights so far

Meeting my rellies.

Feeling disengaged with my digital devices, except for:

Listening on iPod to 40 year old album by Glasgow band Cado Belle. Imagine Average White Band with a female singer.

German food and drink and beds and language.

Staring into space.

That's about all.


  1. Seems like a better than average list of things for a holiday.

  2. Albert? No bliss, eh? Staring into space. Well, good luck with the flatheid stuff. Hotboy

  3. I say!

    I think that Idi nails the drink issue, here. I can only hope that Hotters takes note.

    MM III

  4. Nanners, yes I suppose it could be worse.

    Hotters, pesky flatheid stuff like food, drink, sleep and family. Thank goodness we'll be deid one day.

    Mingers. Interesting calibre of commenter at that YouTube post.