Tuesday, July 17

bunkered in berlin

Albert and the cellmate's hotel reunion wasn't without hiccup (or other bodily sound). Snoring on one side of the bed. Flatulent jetlag on the other. Bad feeling next morning, and now they're in different hotels (Albert doesn't know the address of the second hotel). You'd think that in all these years they'd have worked out how to arrange these things, but some people never learn.

Worse still, Albert's room, booked months earlier as an expedia 40%-off flash deal, turned out to be a wifi dead zone, and complaints to reception resulted in an offer of an upgrade to another room, but for a fee. Albert rightly refused, and they provided a wifi booster gadget instead. But you can't boost a 0% signal, so there was still no internet in the room.

Too exhausted to be assertive without risking a total tantrum, Albert set up camp in the lobby and happily used the wifi signal there. As expected, the staff were mortified by his scruffy presence among the suited five star clientele, and hurriedly offered him a free upgrade to a better room.

In a way, it was only fair that both Albert and the cellmate had to shift rooms, and now neither of them knows where the other one is. It all balances up.

PS - Just to show what Blogger looks like when you're in Bavaria:


  1. Albert? Have you ever thought of having a holiday from the computery stuff? I suppose not. Hotboy

  2. I've learned the hard way that expedia deals are often no deal at all.

    Sorry Albert and the cellmate decided to remain separate. But it sounds like they pretty much are anyway when traveling.

    Well done for being scruffy in the lobby.

  3. I say!

    Flatulent jetlag - only too common. Have you tried an exclusive diet of pigs' arse? It can only help.

    MM III

  4. Hotters. Computery stuff is bliss for some people.

    Nanners. There's always a way.

    Mingers. Most Bavarian food contains some pigs arse already.