Sunday, July 22

nerd's packing list

"Dear guests, before checking out please remember to pack all the belongings that you came with"

One pair of trousers.

One pair of shoes.

Fifteen pairs of underpants.

Two months of bliss pills and life support pills.

One portable wifi router and power supply, one old and disposable 7-inch Linux laptop; iPod, iPhone, several chargers and charging cables; LAN cable; USB cables; mains cables; SIM cards and memory cards; two RCA to stereo mini-jack cables with matching gender changers.

Wire stripper and chopsticks - the complete kit for sticking bare wires into wall sockets in foreign countries.


  1. Interesting that you carry so many gadgets to go on holiday.

    Quite the kludge, adapters aren't that expensive and take up less space.

  2. I say!

    I always take a kikoi, and a dog bowl with me, as well. You never know when such things will come in handy.

    Knew one chap who travelled with nothing else apart from a dog bowl and the clothes he stood up in.

    MM III

  3. Albert? Glad to say that I don't know what half that stuff is! Hotboy

  4. Nanners, the cellmate on the other side of the world had borrowed my adaptors.

    Mingers, a plastic bowl would have been handy at several points. I won't say what for.

    Hotters. All you need to know is they're not drug paraphernalia.