Saturday, July 28

borderline behaviour

On Thursday I had a dramatic and expensive day in the borderlands, involving a graveyard, sexual abuse and the military. And a speeding fine. It was like an episode of Taggart, or maybe more Dr Findlay.

The story continued the following day when I met up in Stockbridge with the delightful sister in law of the long-dead ex, who was able to offer corroborating evidence as we caught up on the last 35 years.

I walked all day yesterday, a.m. with Glasgow Seb, and p.m. alone (bumped into the DB in waitrose), on a near-empty stomach. Then in the evening I had a room picnic after moving into the next B&B:

Two packets of Waitrose sandwiches reduced from £2.40 to 69p:
• Prawn cocktail
• Camembert with grapes and red currant chutney.
Three types of Olive.
A bucket of Strawberries, plus vanilla yoghurt.

Then I dozed off and missed the whole Olympic ceremony. Did you see it?

I've just woken up with my first ever Erdinger hangover, partly just dehydration from all yesterday's exercise.


  1. I say!

    The ceremony brought tears to my eyes.

    MM III

  2. I watched the other side. They played a Republican song for Northern Ireland (Danny Boy)and I was told today that it was okay. Hotboy p.s. You really must be having a horrible time. I'm glad I haven't got any money to go anywhere.

  3. Mingers. Tears of joy?

    Hotters. I think you'd find it a horrible time, but being out of one's comfort zone can be liberating after a while. I offered to advise the DB this morning how to move you out of yours.

  4. I say!

    Yes - when they showed a cricket match fromm Ye Olde England.

    As a werewolf, Hotters can only plod down the same few tracks. Take him away from his routes to the allotment, the offie or the bar and he gets hopelessly disorientated.

    MM III