Friday, July 8

auf wiedersehen berlin

Passed Einstein's house on the way to the station. It's in the Bavarian Quarter, where the council has erected new signs on lamp posts, based on wartime and pre-war proclamations. E.g. (translated and paraphrased): "Jews are not allowed to play music or to own record players. December 1942".

The idea is to remind people what happened. Apparently a few locals misunderstood the spirit, saying e.g. "it's all starting up again"

At the station I enjoyed some downtime before the train.

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  1. I expect there are worse things starting up in this world.

    Safe travels.

  2. Hi Nanners. Good point. PS I was wondering if you were ok.

  3. Yeah I'm all right. Just had to go help out old parents for a few days with a leaking roof.

  4. Albert? Why's everybody called Albert? Why did the other Albert leave that country anyway? It's slipped my mind. Maybe he couldn't stand your aunties! Hotboy p.s. BTW being a gerry yourself, do you feel guilty for killing all those people, or not?

  5. Hotters. I know the girlie mags under the bed are no use to you any more. But no need to go back to commando comics. If it helps, try to remember the war's over. PS the Viking massacres are in the past too. Even you have nothing to be ashamed of.