Monday, July 18

next move in the dirty protest

It was my move, so I told her I wouldn't be taking up her offer of a free shower and no need to scrub it after.

When she argued, I told her I wanted to save the poor cleaner the job of cleaning it next day. She had no answer to that.


  1. I have to admit that made me giggle.

    So it looks like the protest is going in your favor. Aside from the comfort issue of going with out showering.

  2. Albert? Why are you tormenting these poor old ladies? Why don't you take the garden hose and do it outside with all your clothes on? Then ask them if they've ever seen the world famous prostate massage feather dance. Hotboy

  3. Nanners. How much worse can the smell get? After the first week you become immune and can't smell a thing.

    Hotters. You don't understand who I'm dealing with here. Showering on the lawn would re-ignite the "don't bend the blades of grass" dispute.