Sunday, July 10


First report from Piddledorf.

Escaped all morning to do errands but the interrogation on return was insane and I lost it. Since then she's giving me the silent treatment

Reminds me of the old joke. If you annoy a woman, she'll berate you. But if you really piss her off, she'll go on the huff and refuse to speak to you. So it's worth putting in the extra effort.

Lunch was "lovely" reheated sauerkraut and 5 sausages (salt and preservative flavor).

Having a "nap" in my room as the only way to get some peace. Even so, because all the rooms have glass doors I'm blogging this under the bedclothes to avoid detection and a surprise room inspection.

Later we're booked in for a health-giving session at the local salt mines.

Review to follow.

Tonight, after finally drinking my way through the bottles of expensive but horrible beer that my brother left here, I'm due my first dirt cheap Lidl weissbier. Things are looking up. It all balances out.


  1. Albert? Nice to see that you're having such fun!! Hotboy

  2. Hotters. Flakheids everywhere.

  3. I suppose there is some good in making a woman mad enough to stop talking to you.

    However I know myself as long as I'm talking I'm pretty safe, loud and annoying but safe. I only get very dangerous and mean when I crawl into the noise inside my own head.

    You might want to consider rethinking that strategy.

  4. Nanners. Good point. The next step would be the arsenic in the food, or the axe through the head while asleep.

  5. Keep in mind that death is easy. I'd worry more about permanent mutilation.