Monday, July 4


Took the stepdad's National Health hearing aids back to the Royal for recycling. Sunny weather so walked there and back. Reminds me of being 17 and newly arrived in Edinburgh. To work off stress I used to walk to places like Loanhead.

Nowadays I walk for pleasure and on errands. This is progress.

I found the old dear's super sharp cucumber slicer, so I thought I'd make sandwiches. It slices other things too, removing the tip of my finger. Blood everywhere.

Went for tea and biscuits with a neighbor, the old dear's chum. What a hoot and a sprightly old sweetie. One thing I've learned is how to take a liking to some people right away. If only she was 40 years younger we could have a thing. Plain *and* milk biscuits!

I said - you're not from Edinburgh are you?

She said - how did you know?

Me - you offered me tea when I got here.

Oh we laughed! The only thing I don't understand is what she could have had in common with the old dear.

6 a.m. and the woman downstairs is snoring as usual, but that's not why I dislike her. She's an NPD-ite and a blamer. I've no time for them. One thing I've learned is how to write off some people right away. Saves a lot of time.

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  1. NPD-ite? Is that a delivery company? Hotboy. WRT? What's that?

  2. Hotters. With Respect To?

  3. Narcissistic Personality Disorder

  4. NPD! I'd forgotten. That's the best one to have! I've got that one as well! Hotboy

  5. I say!

    Plain AND milk - it doesn't get more undulgent than that.

    MM III

  6. Hotters, can you remember what RDD means? If not, you've got it.

    Mingers. And some of the plain ones had milk swirls on top, and vice versa. Edinburgers are posh.

  7. I say!

    It's pointless telling Hotters about TLAs. He can't retain it. I've already tried.

    MM III

  8. Mingers. Some people probably think TLA refers to the 3 main parts of the female anatomy.