Saturday, July 9

modern architecture

I changed trains at a newly-built station designed by an artistic genius. He used ceramics, and avoided straight lines and flat surfaces wherever possible, which makes it particularly interesting if you are old or have a wheelie suitcase. One of the platforms:

You see, Germans only know two ways of being. Either they're obsessively exact, or if they want to resist that, the only way they know is to do the exact opposite. Hence a station that's the antithesis of everything orderly, and a nightmare for passengers (but fun if you're a toddler).

There was a tour party admiring the place, on one of the few level platforms.

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  1. Pretty, but an interesting way to break an ankle I think.

    There is something to be said for sensible public spaces. But there are also ways to make it reasonable and beautiful.

    Too bad the extremes can't do either.

  2. Nanners, the only good thing about extremes is if they cancel each other out.

  3. Albert? Albert Speer eat your heart out! Hotboy