Tuesday, July 26

films in new south caledonia

Watched 2 interesting films last night on TV. Gran Torino (Clint Eastwood), a feelgood revenge movie. And Final Cut (Robin Williams, 2004), a flawed execution of an interesting idea - memory implants etc.

On DVD, I caught up with Gone Baby Gone, directed by ... (senior moment while I rake around in what remains of my brain) ... Ben Whatshisface the actor, and starring his brother. Very good.

But the best movie was Animal Kingdom, a harrowing plot about a Melbourne criminal family. Funny how the best Aussie films (Albert would say the *only* good Aussie films) are about crooks and bastards. Wolf Creek was another mesmerising Oz shocker.

But the very best thing in my mini film fest here was Mad Men series 4. Watched the whole 10 hours over a few days with the cellmate before she went back to NZ. I hope they make series 5, otherwise we may have to start watching from series 1 again.


  1. Albert? Do you understand any of these movies? I watch them sometimes from start to finish and have no idea what they're about. Is this because I'm autistic and cannot understand body language since they often hardly speak to each other? Being movies and not talkies. Hotboy

  2. Hotters. I think you've put your finger on it. Many hollywood films are autistic product for autistic viewers. Explosions, shooting, car chases and smashes, sirens, fisticuffs. Doesn't leave much room for character, relationships. Have you tried watching chick flicks? Surely the DB would watch them?

  3. I say!

    This is my favourite Australian movie.

    The other Aussie movie I like is Walkabout, where Jenny Agutter loses her car keys in the desert and has to walk all the way to Sydney, only to get there after the Boxing Day Test Match is over. Sad ending.

    MM III

  4. Mingers. Jenny would have been gutted to miss the match.