Monday, July 11

review of the salt mine

It's the fake inside of a salt mine, located behind a shop front.

The walls are made of salt bricks, from Pakistan, and there's Dead Sea salt gravel on the floor. It's the weirdest, maddest thing. You lie there with a dozen other people, with piped vegetarian muzak coming out of the wall. Crashing waves, seagulls, tinkling bells. The best thing about it was that you get peace and quiet to try some breath training.

It was tacky and naive, and yet I felt somehow proud, that the ideas that were new and wacko when I moved in freaky circles, have become mainstream ways of ripping off flatheids too dumb to meditate but who like the idea.

I took my blood pressure and pulse, before and after.

Before: 101/68, and 72bpm

After: 110/77, and 65bpm

So it sent my deathly low blood pressure up, but my heart rate came down. A good balance. But hey, this is not just about me. How's your own blood pressure?

- iPhone post


  1. Sounds like an interesting place. Weird but interesting.

    My blood pressure is just high enough to keep me standing. Which means it is good.

    So are you still in transit?

  2. Albert? I hope they took an arm and a leg instead of just taking the piss. My heart runs at sixty beats a minute or I think I'm going to die. I don't have any blood pressure. That's only for poor people. Hope this helps. Hotboy

  3. Albert? I've noticed the photie in the previous post. Why did you have to take your clothes off? Are you sure it's not some kind of knocking shop? Hotboy

  4. Nanners. It's strange how everyone I know has low blood pressure. Where are all the type A folk with the coronaries? PS I'm no longer sure how to answer your question. I think I've been in transit for decades, ever since moving to New South Caledonia.

  5. Pulse 60 at age 60, passing on the way down? If only knocking shops were more like that (says Albert).