Tuesday, July 19

die dinger sind heutzutage anders als frueher

Sings ain't vot zey use do be.

You book a bavarian train seat. They tell you the carriage number and the seat number, they even tell you how far along the platform to stand so that your carriage will stop right in front of you. Such efficiency!

But while you're standing on the platform in your allotted spot, the PA yells out: they've had to leave out half the carriages, including yours. The shortened train's at the other end of the platform.

Mad scamper with luggage. You hear another passenger cursing the bavarian railways, apparently things used to be better. I'm not going to make a cheap joke about the Auschwitz trains.


  1. I say!

    The last time I caught a train through the Nubian desert, they couldn't even tell you which day it might arrive at it's destination.

    MM III

  2. Hey! It has been a while, just wanted to stop and say hello and see what is going on.
    Hope all is well...
    Lee Ann

  3. Mingers. A camel train?

    Lee Ann. Hope the castle and it's inhabitants are well.

  4. Sounds like Scotland has taken over your train service.

    The things we put up with to travel.

  5. Nanners, in Scotland I use the bus.

  6. Albert? Why don't you get yourself arrested for frog marching and zeig heiling outside the nearest synagogue? That would be a good laugh! It's against the law there to be a nazi, isn't it? What a bunch of intolerant basturns! What do you mean there's no synagogues? Hotboy p.s. Shalom, ya bass!! pps. Hi Lee Ann!

  7. Interesting idea Hotters, what would I do without you?