Sunday, July 24


On the last night in Europe, i had a long phone talk with Dances. I can only assume he's on the bliss pills now. He asked how the job of clearing out the old dear's flat had gone. Specifically, he wanted to know if I had discovered any skeletons in cupboards.

So I told him about the step father's cupboard full of Playboys and Penthouses. And the "acquired" airline stuff - Pan Am plates, BA briefcases, Concorde cutlery. Drawers full of company notepaper. Perhaps 100 dictionaries.

I reckon clearing out anybody's house would reveal their particular brand of insanity. They should build a reality TV show around the idea (maybe they have).

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  1. I've several times cleaned out homes of folks that have died. Most I knew but a couple where to help out friends.

    The things we keep and leave behind say a great deal about us.

    I try very hard to think about stuff I just stash away. On the basis that someday someone else is going to have to go through it all.

  2. I say!

    After the game, the groundsman has to go out to the wicket and do the sweeping up, lift the stumps, etc.

    Those remaining in the crowd gather round and watch, then leave.

    It's a measure of closure, but the memories of the match remain, and of course, there's always Wisden for the official report.

    MM III

  3. Nanners. The old dear's flat was just the warm up act for the Bavarian aunt's place, some day.

    Mingers. Enjoyed your comment. Which blog was it written for?

  4. Albert? I've told Brian Wilson that he should bequeath his vast collection of pornography to the National Library, but maybe they'd need to build an aircraft hangar to store it! Hotboy

  5. Abert? How did the op go with Dances with Men Now and the two rectums? Hotboy

  6. Hotters. I forgot to ask him. Guess I'm just not sufficiently toilet obsessed. Thanks for reminding me.