Tuesday, July 12

das then and now

Near Piddledorf, about 70 years ago there would have been thousands of naked emaciated Jewish folk standing about in a walled compound of blockhouses and shower blocks. Many died there.

Today, 70 years later, I thought of those poor bastards as I was part of a group of naked people standing inside a walled compound of blockhouses. This time, the naked people were fat wealthy Germans, presumably aryan. I had a day pass for the sauna centre - 6 sauna cabins all at different temperatures. Showers and icy hoses and plunge pools. There's one bit where you pull a chain to empty a pail of iced water over yourself. There's no actual birching, but once you're really relaxed you can sprawl naked in the sun. Eventually you reach a permanent spaced out state, whether frying at 100 C or submerged in ice water. It all balances up.

I had 8 hours there today, including a couple of meals and an Erdinger with no trousers. I would still be there now if it was up to me, but instead I'm in bed at 8pm after some theatrical yawns.

Earlier the aunt said "tomorrow we're going out for lunch and as a treat you can choose the restaurant". Well of course everywhere I suggested she vetoed, so I ended up saying "you pick one and we'll go there". Well even once I was out of the equation, she went on arguing with herself. Bavarianism!

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  1. Albert? Did you ever get approached when you'd got your trousers off? Was that what started it all off? Hotboy

  2. Hotters. Only by fit weissbier waitresses.

  3. I had an aunt like that. She argued over everything with everyone. I remember as a kid winding her up just for the fun of it.

    I don't think the sauna place sounds nice at all. I'll stick to my kayak.

  4. I say!

    Pity about the lack of birching.

    MM III

  5. Albert? Why are you going on about the Holocaust? I think we should just sweep all that under the carpet. Why keep throwing it into your aunties' faces? Really bad taste that, I'd say! Hotboy

  6. Nanners. No pain no gain here.

    Mingers, yes but I'm immune to that anyway.

    Hotters. I think someone has to do it, and I seem to be the best for the job, as a perfect balance of Tommy and Boche.