Tuesday, June 1

buzzing between the ears

On the bus home on Friday, I had a mobile phoney sitting behind me. At first I was annoyed to be subjected to his prattle. Then I noticed he was using all the managerial buzzwords and phrases. GOING FORWARD and ISSUES and ON THE GROUND. I realised I could either fume or find a way to enjoy it. So I took out the iPod and started noting down each bit of meaningless bullshit. I was compiling quite a list, and I was almost disappointed when he hung up before I had the full set.

I'm reading a couple of Irvine Welsh collections of short stories. Funny, shocking and true. I sometimes read whole pages out loud, to get the full benefit of the dialogue.


  1. Albert? I've only ever read Trainspotting. A bit remiss, eh? Re The boy on the bus: Why do you let yourself get annoyed by stuff like that? Would you rather go back to the transistor radios blaring out crap? I think not. Proportionally, they would have made your brain explode with annoyance! Dearie me! Hotboy

  2. Albert? Proportionally? Is that a word? Hotboy

  3. I say!

    You should always do a SWOT analysis before making decisions like that. Results in better synergy.

    Nice to touch base with you again, BTW.

    MM III

  4. Hotters, it was your example that inspired me to start seething at people. Before that I loved everybody.

    I think it is a word, though whether more apposite than proportionately, I couldn't say without a dictionary.

    Mingers, nice that we're on the same page.