Saturday, June 12

oettinger 2

I should have posted this before the "more burglars" post.

I bought another six pack of Oettinger yesterday. There's a building site across the road from here, and the builders saw me stash the beer in the garage under the house.

This morning the dog was acting strange. Then I noticed that the garage door was hanging open. Somebody had broken in last night. I had no time to check what might be missing. Obviously nobody would take the home brew, but there's a bit of wine and all my tools.

I just slapped a spare padlock on the doors and headed off to work, where I am now.

I've just had a thought - supposing whoever broke in drank the booze and fell asleep? Now I've locked them in.


  1. Albert? I'll have to try that beer sometime. If folk will break into a garage just to get their hands on it. I'm surprised you haven't got CCTV. Get practising with your boomerang! Got ethnic. Get a spear! That would help! Hotboy

  2. I practise the non-violent route to bliss.

    Mind you I might feel differently if I had to travel half way round the country to meet the burglars. Hereabouts they come to you.