Thursday, June 24

good day

The cellmate is back from the world tour, so it's no longer just me, the prowlers and a half-dead dog.

I'm very fortunate having her share my space. Not like poor Albert - his partner's an absolute menace in the kitchen.

This morning I walked the dog, parked her outside the supermarket, went in and filled the rucksack with provisions, mostly dog food.

After dumping the dog and the food back home, I set off for the pool. I only went so as to use up the season pass that expires in a few days. But it was a great swim. It was quiet, so I didn't have to share a lane with blockheids. Last weekend the changing room was jam-packed, if you were Superman it would have been good practice for changing in the space of a phone box.

I swam half a K with pauses for stretches, then half a K without stopping. Lying on my back later in the sauna, I got talking to a Sri Lankan woman. Strange experience, conversing with a stranger you can't actually see because she's sitting behind your head. At the end, I looked at her as I said goodbye. She didn't look how I had imagined her. I wonder if it was the same for her.

Tomorrow night I've invited four folk to join me at a jazz club. The only good times I've had there, I've been alone. Going with other people, one feels responsible.

On the plus side, if you're in a group, it's acceptable to grab a table, so you don't have to stand at the back all night. Try sitting at a table on your own, and you get pestered by a couple taking the other chairs. If you dare to go for a pee, someone takes your seat and your drink is cleared away. Or a couple pressurises you to take part in a threesome. Thank goodness that one hasn't happened to me yet.


  1. Albert? Are you frequenting mixed saunas? I tried to get into a mixed sauna once in Amsterdam. I was transfixed by all the naked folk whilst standing waiting for a ticket. I didn't notice that the guy was speaking to me (in Dutch) and they wouldn't let me in. What a relief! Hotboy

  2. Albert? Why are all you old guys going on about your physical prowess? Some day you won't be able to swim up and down anywhere. Some day, if you live that long, there will just be a slow, long trek to the toilet and back again, if you're lucky. What you have is the gross. That's what it is. Gross. What a moron! Get into ra bliss. Get into ra bliss. Get into ra bliss! Hope this helps. Hotboy

  3. Albert? Just ten percent off the top of the unjustifiable inheritances, trust funds, unearned income ... I mean, it's not yours anyway, but money purloined from the people. Hotboy

  4. Albert? Where are you? I think I got a bit carried away there. Must have been the fruit gums. Hotboy

  5. Hotters. In order:

    I doubt there's a sauna anywhere that would let you in. Packer couldn't get in for under ten grand.

    There's plenty of time to start blissing when I become a vegetable.

    I'd be delighted to share my fortune with you if I could be sure you wouldn't piss it away.

    No offence taken, I hadn't noticed any difference from your usual deferential manner.

  6. I say!

    Yes, it's very difficult to tell the difference.

    MM III