Friday, June 11

more burglars

As far as I can tell they didn't take anything so presumably were only interested in finding a way to get into the house.

Then there was somebody round the back of the house the next night, trying the back door etc.

It was all quiet last night. I wonder if the burglar activity is connected to the World Cup, and they are looking for flat screen TVs. Anyway, the matches start tonight, so I'll be switching on the living room light and TV sound all night, as if I'm watching it live.

I said to a neighbour - If you ever have trouble, call me even in the middle of the night. I'm no good at fisticuffs, but I can put on the front lights here or drive over with the headlights on.

The cellmate was at a conference and has now made it as far as Hawaii. Nice work if you can get it! She gets back here in another week, then she can scare off the burglars with feminism.


  1. Albert? I'm having to cycle all over the shop this morning because of burglars, so all my namby pamby liberalism has gone out the window as regards these evil basturns. Get a gun and shooty their knee caps off and let them wriggle around for a while before you call the polis. A bit of torture is too good for them! Hotboy

  2. Hotters. Don't do it. All you get is a moment's satisfaction, but then the next wave of burglars bring their own shooters, to take out your kneecaps. Escalation never works. Better to lie in bed terrified while they ransack the joint. Blessed are the meek. Besides, those poor junkies need your flat screen TV more than you do, so at least they might see the odd goal between cranking up.

    Does that help?

  3. Albert? What the matter with a moment's satisfaction? Hotboy

  4. You end up down the docks, so they tell me. Don't do it.