Saturday, June 19

sporting news

  1. The turf at the hallowed home of the Melbourne Cup has been tragically damaged by a cockchafer beetle.

  2. Here in New South Caledonia, we're excited about the sporting event of the year. Will Federer manage to hold off Nadal at Wimbledon?


  1. Albert? Fond memories of Melbourne Cup day. The mothers at the mother and toddler group I went to all turned up in hats and frocks and got have pissed drinking the collapso. Bizarre! Hotboy p.s. You are a fortunate creature to be living in such a fine country.

  2. Albert? Half pissed. Hotboy

  3. Albert? Half pissed. Hotboy

  4. I say!

    Do two half pisseds make a whole pissed?

    MM III

  5. Hotters. The Melbourne Cup is one of the reasons I left Oz and moved to NSC.

    Mingers. Mixing up whole countries is a sure sign of intoxication.