Saturday, June 12

time zones

The pension fund phoned last night just before the World Cup started. I don't think she understands how time zones work (New South Caledonia is about 10 hours ahead of Bavaria). She said: "the opening ceremony is about to start on TV, but you'll have seen it last night."

So I said "that's right, and I had this conversation with you last night".


  1. Albert? It must be so reassuring to know that none of your relatives keep their marbles into old age. On the other hand, they seem to be immortal. Is that balancing up or what? Hotboy p.s. Why can't you just be nice instead of adding to the confusion?

  2. At least I'm nice to burglars, instead of planning to murder them. I just take steps to discourage them, in a nice neutral impersonal way, the bourgeois way.

    On reflection, maybe I've got things the wrong way round. Being nice to bad folk and horrible to my family. But at least it balances up.