Saturday, June 5

first time in a long time

On Thursday I went swimming, the first time in many months, not counting piddling hotel pools. I managed 600 metres. Pathetic! In the sauna afterwards, I was using the time to practice some internal exercises of the yogic kind. Then an oriental babe came in and sat down. Thank goodness I was taught self control as a kid. Imagine jail at my age!

In the evening, I was standing about in the living room, when I noticed the Tai Chi was trying to do itself. So I let it, and it was like meeting an old friend. I had had a year or two off, and you'd think I would have forgotten half the moves. But no. The trick is to relax the mind and let it unfold by itself.

True, there was one point where I got stuck. I knew the bits afterwards would be fantastic Fair Lady, but what was before that?

Well the more you wrack your brains the less clear things become, so I didn't. Instead, I went back a few moves and started again, but at about three times the speed. Try and get over the hump without thinking. First the legs remember their part, and because you're moving fast, the lower body naturally throws the upper body into the right position. After the second or third attempt, eureka!

I got stuck again just after Fair Lady, but I used the same approach to unlock the next step.

Friday at work I was knackered of course, but in a good way.


  1. Albert? An oriental babe showed up in the sauna? Really? What did you have to pay? And is running away always the best thing? It's always worked for me. Hotboy

  2. Hotters. It would have worked for her.