Saturday, June 12

learning badness

I'm reading an online book, The Story Of A Bad Boy. I thought it might help me develop the bad side of myself, to balance out all the selfless thoughts and good works that make my life so unsatisfying.

The Wattpad web site is a community where you can upload any books or short stories that you've written. Then people download them to read as ebooks.

Anyway, despite the title "The Story Of A Bad Boy", this book appears to have been written by somebody of Mingers' ilk.

Whenever a new scholar came to our school, I used to confront him at recess with the following words: My name's Tom Bailey; what's your name? If the name struck me favorably, I shook hands with the new pupil cordially; but if it didn't, I would turn on my heel, for I was particular on this point. Such names as Higgins, Wiggins, and Spriggins were deadly affronts to my ear; while Langdon, Wallace, Blake, and the like, were passwords to my confidence and esteem.

My parents removed to New Orleans, where my father invested his money so securely in the banking business that he was never able to get any of it out again. But of this hereafter.

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