Tuesday, June 29

International scrabble

I'm in the middle of 7 different games of scrabble with random opponents. I'm ahead in every game. No help at all as I haven't a competitive gene in my body. Sometimes I deliberately play a dud move to encourage an opponent.

Watched the whole England Germany game. It really took off after that first goal from the long kick by the German goalie. To be fair, I wonder if the disallowed English goal broke their momentum.


  1. Albert? The consiglieri thought the aesthetics of the game are rubbished by bad decisions you can see played back on the telly. He thought the Englanders would have wom if they'd got the goal allowed. I won a pound by predicting the final result at half time. Hurrah for the huns!! Hotboy

  2. Albert? Playing scrabble? Dearie, dearie me. Talk about flatheided!! It's beyond words! What are you going to tell St Peter when he asks you about the bliss? Oh, I was too busy playing scrabble. You deserve the red hot poker treatment right enough! Hotboy

  3. Beyond words. He he.

    PS - what will you tell St Peter when he doesn't exist? None of the saints do, outside your mind. Well you could try St Mirren.