Wednesday, June 9


In the bottle shop the other day, I found a Bavarian beer called Oettinger. On special offer, so I had to buy a pack.

It's not weissbier of course, but it's good enough to make me consider giving up home brew.

Tomorrow I'm going to visit the boy and his GF at their house. Apparently they've dug up their garden and planted vegetables, herbs, and hops for the home brew. As a present I was going to take them a bottle of home brew but I think Oettinger will go down better.


  1. Albert? I started bottling the next batch of home brew tonight. Weak home brew! What has come over me? Perhaps you've been a good influence after all ... and then you go and buy beer with beer in it! Typical. Hotboy p.s. But I have NOT asked anyone how to get to the docks from here!

  2. It's all balancing up. I gave up dockland when I was still at school. Whereas you, well need I say more? You can't resist destiny.